COVID-19 and Information on Camping Summer 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following guidelines are in place at Lake Ivanhoe Campground for the foreseeable future. These guidelines will change following updated guidance from state and federal authorities.

1. All indoor spaces shall be be closed. This includes the bathhouse, the camp store, the rec hall, the game room, and the equipment/ice room. Payments will only be accepted via the phone or curbside order. This means we cannot accomodate any tent campers, van/truck campers, or pop-ups that lack their own bathroom. We are not accepting any reservations for these camping units at this time. 

2. Campers will be required to maintain a distance of 6 feet between all persons not in their immediate household at all times. This will be STRICTLY enforced. Campers also may be required to wear a face covering when not in their own site. 

3. At this time, we are NOT taking reservations from the general public for overnight/weekend camping. We will be allowing some very limited reservations for people who have camped with us every year lately, or are family/friends of seasonal campers, but our expectation is that we will be 99% seasonal camping ONLY for the entire 2020 season. If you made a reservation for camping in 2020, your card was NOT charged a deposit and there are NO cancellation fees. 


4. Seasonals may have up to 2 visitors to their site at a time. Our usual visitor fees apply. Those visitors may NOT enter any campsites other than the site of the guest whom they are visiting. Visitors are expected to adhere to all social distancing guidelines. Violators will be asked to leave immediately and will not be permitted to return for the remainder of the time the pandemic guidelines are in place, no warnings and no exceptions

4. The following areas we ANTICIPATE to be open, but on a STRICT sign-up schedule:


         The playground will be open on a sign-up schedule such that only one household's children are playing on the playground at a given time.

         The dog play area will be open. We recommend bathing your dog while wearing a cloth face covering if your dog plays with another dog not in your household while in the dog play area.

         At this time, we are anticipating the beach will be open, on a STRICT limit of 10 people at a time, and with STRICT social distancing between individuals.


        At this time, the Splash Pad is also anticipated to be open, on a sign-up schedule so that only one's household's members are in the Splash Pad area at a given time.

5. STATE LAW BY EXECUTIVE ACTION OF THE GOVERNOR OF NEW HAMPSHIRE SPECIFICALLY BANS GATHERINGS OF MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE. Even if you are 6 feet apart, even if you are wearing a mask, there must not be a group of more than 10 people in any given area of the campground at any time. We will be constantly monitoring the common areas that are able to remain open to ensure groups of more than 10 do not gather. Violators will be banned from the campground for the remainder of the term of the pandemic rules. You may NOT have more than 10 people in any one site at any given time, regardless of distance maintained. 

6. ALL incoming campers coming for a stay of ANY duration: DO NOT STOP IN TINY LOCAL NH COMMUNITIES FOR YOUR SUPPLIES. Campers are REQUIRED to bring all supplies they may need from their local area. This is crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to prevent shortages of certain goods in local stores. The campground is organizing trips to our local grocers for limited items on behalf of our campers in order to help sustain these small businesses, and to leave no reason for anyone camping at Lake Ivanhoe to go shop indoors in this small, rural community that DOES NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO HANDLE A CLUSTER OF CASES. Any camper suspected of shopping during their trip to supply themselves in New Hampshire communities rather than their local area will be asked not to return until the pandemic guidelines are ended. 

Our family believes strongly that we are all in this together, and we are grateful to our governor to give us this opportunity to prove that we can conduct business safely. We trust that all of our guests feel the same solemn responsibility. We also would like to thank all of our customers for their amazing loyalty and support during these times that are so hard for family businesses. We appreciate every one of you guys, because we know we are all on the same page, protecting each other. Thank you for reading this, and may you you and your families be safe and blessed. Our country WILL be stronger for this.


Seasonal sites are available at this time.

All seasonals are expected to closely adhere to these pandemic guidelines!!!!

Among our seasonals who have been here for many years, we have many individuals who MUST NOT get this virus.

Approaching closer than 6 feet to any other individual who is not in your immediate household at this campground is grounds for immediate removal from the campground for the remainder of the season. 

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