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Policies and Guidelines


Please take a moment to read and review, for the comfort and enjoyment of all.

Reservations & Cancellations:

We would like to hear from you! Please call to make your reservations. We have discounted rates for weekly, monthly and seasonal rentals.

For Campsites: Check in time: 1:00PM, check out 12:00. Payment in full for the stay, except charges for extra guests, will be taken at the time of reservation. Reservations must arrive before 9 P.M. (Unless previous arrangements have been made).

Refund in full, less a $20 service charge, will be made if cancelled more than 14 days prior to arrival. Please have your credit card number ready when calling to cancel, in order to receive your refund, or a raincheck will be issued for another stay. Rescheduling your stay prior to 14 days before your arrival is free. There are no refunds for early departure.


Refunds for a monthly stay (also subject to 14 day cancellation period) are assessed a service charge of $35. Rescheduling monthly stays is not possible due to limited availability of monthly stays. 


Extra guests (at a rate of $10/night per adult and $5/night per child) are due UPON CHECK-IN, please bring valid payment method at check-in for any guests beyond the standard 2 adults and 2 children per campsite. Bringing extra guests and failing to pay for them in advance is grounds for removal from the campground, and no refund for the stay will be given.

We Accept: All Major Credits Cards and Cash


Basic Campground Rules:

We welcome you to our campground and ask that the following guidelines be observed to make your stay safe and more enjoyable for yourself and your neighbors.



CAMPER REGISTRATION: All campers are required to register on arrival. Check in 1:00 – Check out – 12:00 A half day fee is charged for early check in or late check out. Check office to see if site is available. No washing of cars. boats, etc. We are on artesian well water, conservation is a must. Entrance is closed from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.


SPEED LIMIT IN CAMPGROUND: Is 5 Miles Per Hour. This is STRICTLY enforced. Keep our children safe! If you are wondering about it, you ARE driving too fast. 5 mph speed limit within the campground also applies to e-bikes.


TRASH: Please recycle! Barrels for Plastic, Aluminum cans and Glass are marked and located next to dumpster near the exit. Other household trash must be put in trash bags and tied. Deposit in dumpster near exit. No large items (chairs, cardboard boxes, grills, etc.) accepted.


CAMPSITE: Area is the cleared area only, not the woods between the sites. It is to be maintained in a neat and sanitary manner. Use a container to catch gray water (sink water) and dispose of at dumping station. (NH Law) Rubber donuts or similar air tight device must be used on sewer hook-ups. Smokers, please dispose of cigarette butts properly, not in woods, beach or on ground. Adjoining land is private property. Do not trespass. Putting nails in trees is not allowed. Do not cut vegetation between sites! Damaging trees (even saplings) or cutting shrubs is grounds for removal from the campground.


CAMPFIRES: Fireplaces must not be moved [NH Law). Maintain only a small low fire in the fire place and keep a 6 foot area around the fire free of pine needles. Water fire if leaving camp and never leave unattended. Fires must be out and watered by midnight Fri & Sat, 11:00 PM Sun – Thurs. No exceptions. Please do not dump charcoal or ashes in the woods. No burning of plastic or PT wood, bottles, cans or garbage. DO NOT DISPOSE OF CIGARETTE BUTTS IN CAMPFIRE. If there is a red flag hanging by the entrance of the campground, that means the local Fire Department has banned burning due to a high fire risk, and no campfires will be allowed. All firewood MUST be purchased from the campground. Absolutely no outside firewood from any location is permitted.


No outside wood is permitted!! 

Firewood is available for sale in the camp store.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Beverages are to be confined to site, used only by those 21 years and over. (New Hampshire State Law).




PETS: 2 pets maximum per site. Campers must provide a copy of rabies certificate. All pets are to be leashed and not allowed for those camping in tents. Clean up after your pet and do not leave unattended on site. Pets are NOT allowed on beach. All pets MUST be confined, cleaned up after & leashed when walking on the grounds and on the site. Leaving dog poop is grounds for removal of the dog from the campground premises. Leashes must be no longer than 6 feet and walkers must be of sufficient stature or size to be able to have control at all times and have a grip on the leash. It is recommended that children not walk dogs. Pets must not be allowed to annoy others in any manner, or left unattended. No aggressive pets are allowed. Any dog showing any display of aggression whatsoever may be asked to leave the campground. Dogs left at campsites or in campers unattended or allowed to bark in a nuisance manner will be asked to leave the campground without a refund. 


CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children at all times. Those 9 years and under must be supervised in the rest rooms by an adult. Bicycle riding must be done safely. Children should be on their sites after quiet hours and should always be supervised by an adult. No bicycle riding after dark. 


QUIET HOURS: Please consider and respect your neighbor, sounds carry in the quiet woods and many people retire early. For the comfort and rest of all campers, observe quiet time between 11:00 PM & 8:00 AM. Children and teenagers are to be on their sites during these hours. Power tools, firearms, etc. not allowed. No Fireworks allowed in campground. Those in repeated violation of quiet hours WILL be asked to leave without a refund.


VISITOR REGISTRATION: Visitors must register at the office (NH Law) on arrival and park in the visitor’s area, unless they have difficulty walking. There is a limit of two cars at each campsite.


BEACH AND SWIMMING RULES: A lifeguard is not on duty – YOU SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please accompany your children crossing road to beach for their safety. Children under 14 must be supervised by adult (NH Law). Horse-playing or pushing people off raft is prohibited. DIVING IS NOT ALLOWED DUE TO SHALLOW WATER. No rock tossing, playing in or on boats or canoes. No glass containers on the beach. The sand is not an ashtray, don't use it as one! Leaving cigarette butts on the beach is grounds for removal from the beach area. BEACH IS CLOSED AT DARK. No motorboats allowed on beach.

STORE: Has snacks, RV and Camping supplies, fishing equipment, gifts, firewood, bag ice and tourist information. Small groceries are available less than a mile's drive away at Seven Lakes Provisions. 




These rules will be enforced and violators may be asked to leave the campground. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF ANYONE REGISTERED TO YOUR SITE, INCLUDING CHILDREN AND VISITORS. Any acts of vandalism or destruction will result in eviction without a refund. Thank you for your cooperation.

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